Expert Witness Consulting
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Your Expert Can Be The Difference Between Winning & Losing

Being an expert witness is more than just having academic credentials and relevant experience. The best expert witness is one who is prepared and knows how to be an expert – how to draft reports, how to be deposed, how to most effectively advise their client and how to testify at trial. Ultimately, the best expert is the best teacher.

As testifying experts and consultants who have prepared experts for testimony in some of the world’s most complex cases, we know what it takes to be the best expert. We also know the challenge of communicating complex information to judges and jurors and how to develop effective presentations to best educate the trier of fact. We pride ourselves as being the Experts in Experts.


We work with law firms and businesses around the world and are committed to investing in long-term relationships. We know our clients face unique opportunities and challenges every day. Along with this comes the need for expert consultants that understand the legal issues that exist in complex litigation. DOAR understands these challenges and is one of the most active expert consulting firms in the world.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of consulting and testifying experts serve our clients by advising, developing and implementing analyses and legal strategies wherever there is a need around the globe.

We bring value to our clients by connecting them with our global network of experts and providing them with legal consulting services across numerous practice areas.


DOAR is a global expert firm with decades of experience in high stakes, complex legal disputes. We are engaged as experts in both litigation and arbitration.

As one of the leading expert consulting firms in the world, DOAR offers global experience and local knowledge, helping law firms and multinational organizations to formulate effective legal strategies.

Global Experience & Local Knowledge

We have an extensive client base and have provided legal consulting services for over 300 law firms across the globe in 15 countries on the most notable, high profile, bet-the-company legal disputes. We have been advising our clients on the development of effective litigation strategies for over 25 years. We are proud to say that many of our engagements come from these same clients that turn to DOAR as their trusted advisor.

Our experts have worked with clients in all 50 states and 15 countries.
DOAR has worked with over 300 law firms across the globe.
Our experts have worked on over 2,000 trials, arbitrations, hearings & mediations.

Doing business in a complex cross-border environment is fraught with legal issues. Working with our Affiliates from across the globe, we advise our clients on how to meet the challenges of litigation and how to overcome the legal obstacles they may face when navigating the legal terrain.

DOAR Affiliates

Our DOAR Affiliates are elite consulting and testifying experts from every discipline and every corner of the world.

It is the people that make DOAR the global expert firm that it is. Our experts are smart, driven, and determined to do great things. Our vision and goals are the same, but our people are from all walks of life and educational disciplines.


DOAR Affiliates are fully vetted and screened by DOAR. Along with understanding our clients’ needs and which expert(s) fills those needs, we know how to properly qualify and research each expert’s personal, educational and professional background. We offer preliminary screening reports and comprehensive dossiers on our experts and can research adverse party experts as well to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We also offer witness preparation and presentation support for our experts and any other fact or expert witnesses you may have already retained.

Witness Preparation
Our staff of psychologists and witness preparation experts has trained hundreds of expert witnesses for cases in U.S. courts. The most challenging aspect of providing expert testimony is the rigors associated with cross-examination. DOAR’s unique approach enables experts to feel empowered and self-assured either at deposition or when taking the stand.
Witness Familiarisation
Our staff has worked with expert witnesses across the globe conducting witness familiarisation. Our affiliate experts are given a clear understanding of the applicable international legal forum as well as the proper practices and procedures for giving evidence in that forum.
We know that expert witnesses play a critical role for our clients, so there is much at stake when checking an expert’s experience and credentials. We guarantee comprehensive background research.
We have partnered with Expert Witness Profiler, to offer our clients the DOAR Expert Witness Dossier, which provides unparalleled information regarding an expert’s litigation history, disciplinary history, prior expert witness testimony, expert challenges, licensing history, professional and educational background and more.
Expert Screener

The Expert Screener gives you a snapshot of an expert's testimonial history including an accurate count of how often that expert has testified

Expert Dossiers

The Expert Witness Dossier is created by a team of highly trained attorneys who specialize in expert witness research and is the most comprehensive and cost-effective background report on an expert witness, today.